Tap Into Off-Market

Why Does Off-Market Matter?


Why sell or buy off-market? In addition to the Multiple Listing Service, being able to access off-market opportunities is an added benefit and service Brian has to offer to all his clients.

It can be beneficial to buyers to access properties for sale that are not published on the M.L.S. Brian’s home buyers can rest assured that every avenue is explored to find their dream home. Off-Market listings are just one more way to leave “no stone unturned” in finding the perfect home for you and your family. There can be less competition if a seller chooses to sell without full market exposure. The downside can be that neither the buyer nor the seller gets to confirm the fair market value, by not knowing what the property could have sold for if it had been fully exposed through the traditional methods of the M.L.S.

For sellers, Off-Market can be beneficial depending upon your circumstances. For example, a seller may say “we do not want to expose our home in the traditional way so that the general public knows, but we are still interested in selling to a qualified buyer.” In this case, announcing their home to Brian’s Off-Market networking groups is the perfect fit, so that only qualified buyers connected to real estate agents that are members of this group know about their home.

Brian is a member of all Off-Market networking groups in Marin County so that you won’t miss anything that’s available.

Top 100 Agents in Marin County

The Top Agent Network team analyzes closed residential sales data to make sure every agent accepted is ranked within the top 10% of their local market.

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